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Thank you Mike and Janet Huckabee for all your prayers, encouragement, hard work, and commitment to unify and make our country the strongest, safest, best place to live and raise our families! We pray GOD's richest blessings upon you! Please join with us in keeping a prayer focus for Mike & Janet Huckabee and the direction he will go in. Also, let's join Mike as he reads a chapter of Proverbs for each day. (Jan. 30 would be Proverbs 30). I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone; for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. 1 Timothy 2:1-2 Thanks for praying!

Point to ponder by Randy Davis

Point to ponder by Randy Davis

"Determination is looking at insurmountable obstacles as opportunities to allow God's supernatural intervention. When God is about to do something great, He starts with a difficulty. When He is about to do something truly magnificent, He starts with an impossibility. Reaching a goal requires more than skill it requires determination. This means rejecting distractions like discouragement and doubt."— Randy Davis

Important Prayer Focus

We declare GOD's plans and purposes in the earth, and that all things in the United States be accomplished through GOD's Spirit. We pray that every hindrance or obstacle that would attempt to prevent GOD's will from being accomplished be removed! We pray for continued revelation of truth and the exposure of falsehoods.

We pray that America can regain honor, integrity and truth of character in it's leadership and therefore become once again the Shining City on a Hill, who is once again Freedom's greatest hope. We turn to the LORD GOD for our rescue and our salvation, our wisdom, direction, protection and provision.

We pray that GOD anoints and empowers Mike Huckabee as He did King David of Israel, that no weapon formed against him will succeed. We pray that GOD prepares the weapons of Mike's warfare in the same way that GOD prepared five smooth stones for the shepherd boy David. We pray that when Mike goes out to lead a Gideon’s army of the living GOD in the name of the LORD ALMIGHTY that he arises victorious in his spiritual battles.

As David's sling slew Goliath, we pray that Mike triumphs over his adversaries, spiritual and political, so that all will know that it is not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the LORD of Hosts. We praise GOD that He has placed Mike Huckabee in this nation as an ambassador of CHRIST's love and hope.

We lift Governor Huckabee and his family up to our LORD GOD for wisdom in decision making. We pray that the HOLY SPIRIT would give Mike clarity in communication. We pray for Gov. Huckabee, that he would always hear clearly the direction that the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY would have him follow. We pray that abundant provision would flow through to Governor Huckabee in cash, staff & volunteers, as well as positive media coverage.

We pray blessings upon Janet Huckabee. We praise GOD for her sacrifice and support of Mike as he gives his time working to make our country the best it can be. We pray that Mike's personal finances will multiply and that he has provision to meet all needs for himself and his family. We pray special peace, comfort, strength, and protection upon her, their family, pets and home.

Thank You LORD for travel mercies, safety, and protection for Mike and his family as he travels around our nation to speak, encourage, and enlist others to support solid conservative candidates and issues.

Monday, October 24, 2011

No one else can go the distance

C'mon Gov Huckabee, no one else can go the distance. All the other candidates stumble when they just get out of the gates. And Romney may have ran a lap or two, but the only ones placing bets on him are those on intrade—NOT THE VOTERS. You have a track record that can win the White House. Is your heart now telling you GO?! We are with you all the way!

In answer to you question on your show: YES it's OK to tell a joke! GOD gave you one of the best senses of humor I know of and I get immense pleasure from it every week! Keep it up.

Your sense of humor is one of the reasons I think you would make one of the best presidents this country has ever had; better than Reagan; and he is another who had a great sense of humor. GOD sure does know how to create us doesn't He!
This is why humor is so important: Sometimes it helps us to understand difficult and very serious problems and situations in a way that we might not have been able too before, and if used correctly, still maintains the validity and importance of the situation or problem.
Governor Huckabee, you would have to be blind and deaf not to have seen and heard the impassioned plea from your supporters across the nation. Even liberals are asking the same question: Won't you PLEASE prayerfully consider getting into this race for 2012? I know you are listening and being obedient to our LORD GOD, so I hope it is His plan to direct you into the race according to His will and plan. We pray for you without ceasing, fervently. Please pray for your supporters that we would know what to pray so that we don't pray against His plan for you! May GOD grace you with His wisdom, power and direction and abundance in every good thing! Love & Prayers!

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